Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Everett, Washington

We began the day in Portland, OR. We zipped up I-5 past Puget Sound and made the second point in Blaine, Washington about 3:00pm. Then reversed back down I-5 the way we came. Except the reverse trip was made in the rain. As you can see from the satellite image, we got a pretty good shower. There's quite a bit of snow in the mountains we have cross, so tomorrow we'll go to Seattle and take I-90 East until we get to Spokane. From there, we'll follow route 2 East. We don't have a specific target destination. We'll just see how far we get. I'm better rested and had no problems nodding off today.

Mug shots at the second corner. (Click to enlarge)

Everett, WA Satellite Image

High Temp: 70, Low Temp: 56, Wind-SE, 10mph
Skies unloading

Next Stop: East of here (Click to see route) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: a bunch of miles, Time: till we get tired