Monday, May 29, 2006

Grants Pass, Oregon

Monday, May 29th-Left San Francisco at 07:00 this morning and headed for the Golden Gate Bridge to continue northward. We tried to stop at the south bound entrance and get some pictures but got busted by some toll booth person that was yelling over the PA system that we are breaking the law, cannot stop here, get on your bikes and go before the police are called. Well, no pictures were taken.
We took Hwy 1 all the way to Crescent City, CA. There are sections of this road that have tons of twisties (curves). Went through one part that had over 200 turns in an eight mile stretch. Won't feel to bad if we miss Deal's Gap later on in the trip after going up Hwy 1.
Still having the problem of nodding off and have to stop and walk a bit. Seems to happen between 11:00am and 2:00pm. Might be that I am supposed to be working nights this week and my body hasn't adjusted yet. Tried some Red Bull this time, didn't help.
The scenery is absolutely fantastic. The rocky coast lines, the huge sandy beaches, winding roads through vast red wood groves. The red woods are so tall and large that no sun light can get through. It's like driving down the road and some one is turning a light switch on and off.
Tonight we stopped in Grants Pass, OR. got here at 7:30pm. Thats 12 1/2 hours driving today but only about 440 miles. Going through all the twisties is time consuming. Tomorrow will cut back over to Hwy 1 for awhile then head up to McMinnville, OR and stop in and see the Spruce Goose that Howard Hughes built back in the forties. After that, have to drop Barbara off at the airport in Portland (that's gonna suck; no one to catch me when I fall over). Gary and I will then head towards Blaine, WA (the second corner) and get as far as we can in that direction.

Grants Pass, OR Satellite Image

High Temp: 75, Low Temp: 47, Wind-NE, 5mph
Skies mostly clear...mostly

Next Stop: Portland, Oregon (Click to see route) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: 355.8 miles, Time: 9 hrs 7 min