Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hey, Carl here. Only 26 hours left before time to leave. Gary and I will meet over in Fort Worth at 05:30 and start from there.
After I get home and sleep for a couple of hours, I will finish up any loose ends that need attention. Just remembered that I need to get the bike inspected before leaving. Wow, nothing like waiting till the last minute.
Barbara gave me a MP3 player to take so I would have some tunes to listen to. I have tried to load some CD's on the thing and it is just not working. I can pretty much find my way around a computer, but this thing is driving me freaking crazy. Gave it to one of my sons, Nick, to load up.
First leg of the trip is to ride from Fort Worth, Tx to San Ysidro, CA. After arriving at the first corner and taking care of the necessary paper work, we'll ride to San Diego airport and pick up Barbara (the Babe). She will be with me on the second leg of the trip till we get to Portland,Or. We are planning to stop in San Francisco for a couple of days and do some touristy stuff.
Hopefully the next post will be from Socorro, NM.