Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Portland, Oregon

We made it to Portland, OR tonight. The ride today was pretty much uneventful. The Oregon coast line is fantastic, reminds me of Maui.
The bikes are doing great. Tires are starting to get some flat spots, but not to much. I have to stop twice for every one of Gary's stops for gas.
The Evergreen Museum in McMinnville is a super place for those that like aircraft of all kinds. Lots of WW II planes. Over forty that are still air worthy and certified to fly. Best one of all is the Spruce Goose. WOW, that thing is huge. Don't see how it got up in the air. Guess that's why Howard Hughes flew it only once.
Tomorrow will start out from the Portland airport and head to Blaine, WA. This will be the second corner. Once that is taken care of, Gary and I will head east on Hwy 2 and go as far as we can. Till tomorrow.

Portland, OR Satellite Image

High Temp: 78, Low Temp: 56, Wind-SE, 5mph
Skies mostly cloudy (it's Washington)

Next Stop: Blaine, Washington (Click to see route) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: 283.2 miles, Time: 4 hrs 36 min