Friday, June 02, 2006

Bismarck, North Dakota

Nitros Scooter.
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Left Butte, Montana at 7:00 am this morning heading east on I 90. Still having problems with Gary's rear tire is still losing air. There must be a bug convention in eastern Montana. These large black bugs were everywhere. Even when we stopped for gas they would swarm us. Must be some kind of Ninja bug because just before they smash into you I swear you could hear this faint high pitched "Bonzai". You can even feel them through the Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket and pants. Anyway, after crossing into North Dakota, they disappeared.
Stopped to take the border crossing picture going into ND and then ran across the freeway and got one of the Montana sign, so Gary's off the hook for not stopping the last time. That only leaves me for missing the Washington sign.
Had to be at the Honda shop in Dickinson, ND by 4:00pm, so decided to stretch out the stops between fill ups. The run from Billings and Miles City was about 144 miles and fairly flat so I tried to make that on one tank. We were going above the speed limit and against a 25 mph head wind. Made the exit at Miles City (148 miles) and ran out of gas. There was a gas station one block away but, having already dropped the bike once, I was not going to push it that one block. Gary got out his one gallon reserve tank and I put a splash of gas in and drove to the station. Next time I will try to stretch out a tank full under normal circumstances.
We arrived at the Honda West in Dickinson at 4:05pm and they were swamped. The manager said he was sorry and we would have to come back at 9:00am tomorrow. I ask if there was some way that we could do our own work and he replied that would be great. Wow, you never would hear that where we live in Texas. They provided us with rags, tools, and a place in the shop to do the oil change. Took less than an hour and gave us a chance to do a quick check on the bikes. A big thanks to Thomas and the guys at Honda West. If anyone passes through Dickinson and needs some work done, stop in and check them out. Super nice people.
Back on the road and stopped at Bismarck, ND at 8:15pm for the night. Logged about 650 miles today. Will head out east on I 94 tomorrow. Have three routes to pick from, trying to decide which would be best. Maybe the ferry across Lake Michigan.

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Bismarck, ND Satellite Image

High Temp: 90, Low Temp: 58, Wind-SE, 20mph
Skies clear
Next Stop: Not Sure, Thata' Way (pointing East) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: about 600 miles Time: A.S.A.P.