Thursday, June 01, 2006

Butte, Montana

Long ride today. Decided not to take Hwy 2 east because of rain and colder temps. Took I 90 east instead to make for some time. Left Everett, WA at 7am and arrived at Butte, Montana at 7:30pm. Somewhere around 635 miles. The run through Idaho on I 90 was great. Long sweeping turns, one right after the other, almost all the way across Idaho. The beautiful countryside just went on forever.
Saw an unusual vehicle also. Looked like the O_ _ _ _ Mayer Weenie Mobile, but instead of the hot dog and bun on top, it had three huge Hershey Kisses. It was having a very hard time going up the mountain.
The road out of Washington was starting to eat away at my rear tire. Looks like I lost about 30 % of the tread. Dropped a couple pounds of air pressure help it wear better. Gary's front tire started losing air pressure. Ever time we stopped it had lost 5 to 7 psi. Stopped at the Honda shop in Ellensburg, WA and had it checked. No leaks were found. Even checked the Schrader valve, it had some trash in the seating area. Cleaned it and checked for leaks, still could not find any. The tire stopped loosing as much air, but is still leaking. Gary will have it checked again when we stop for oil change. Big thanks to Central Honda in Ellensburg, WA for taking a look at it right away.
No animals to deal with so far. More than enough highway patrol. One was shooting radar and waved at me to slow it down. What luck.
We missed the border sign going into Washington and Montana, so we had to improvise.

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Butte, MT Satellite Image

High Temp: 79, Low Temp: 47, Wind-SE, 5mph
Skies mostly clear, scattered thunderstorms

Next Stop: Dickinson, ND (Click to see route) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: 542.5 miles Time: 7 hrs 22 min