Thursday, June 15, 2006

Final Entry....Home Sweet Home.

Well, my calculations were wrong , as usual. Did not get home until 3:45am Tuesday morning. That would be almost 22 hours of driving time. Covered 1106 miles in that time. Too bad I didn't sign for an Iron Butt ride. The traffic and road construction in Houston was terrible to say the least.
Anyway, after getting home, I more or less died. Slept for 1 1/2 days. The bike is a mess and so is my butt. Still numb along with my left hand. The ride from Florida was all in the rain until we got into Alabama. Then it got really hot the rest of the way. Had to stop several times to soak my shirt with water to stay cool.
Miles from first corner to fourth corner was about 7,050 and total trip miles were 10,764. These numbers are taken from my odometer instead of figuring map miles.

Tour Map (click it)

Some other stats that might be interesting:
Equipment failure on bikes - Gold Wing, front tire valve stem - VTX, turn signal bulb and rear tire
Number of gas tank fill ups - VTX, 90 - Gold Wing, about half that
State with best roads - all of them except one
State with worst roads - Michigan
States with most road kill - Minnesota, Wisconsin
States most likely to have an animal walk onto the road - Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Maine
States with most rainfall - the whole east coast
Worst traffic areas - LA, Phoenix, Montreal, Houston
Best sights - every where
Number of states crossed (USA) - 29
Number of provinces crossed (Canada) - 3
Number of tropical storms (Alberto) -1

So, that's about it. Thanks to everyone that sent an e-mail for support and encouragement. Will try to respond to each one.
It was a great trip. We live in an awesome country. Would I do it again?, nope, never!!!

More Trip Photos (click em')