Friday, June 09, 2006

Florida City: The Tour End is in Sight

But we still have a long way to get home...
Saint George, SC to Florida City, FL (click to see route)

Key West, Florida Satellite Image

High Temp: 86, Low Temp: 80, Wind-SE, 16mph
Skies spongy, and rain, rain, rain
Next Stop: Pensacola, FL (click to see route) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: 885.5 miles Time: 13 hrs 36 min

Hey everyone.
Sorry not to have posted any text in the last three days. Have had lots of trouble trying to get connected in the last three hotels. (In case you're wondering, the audio is done by cell phone. Cool, huh?)
The last three days have been a trip. Lots of miles behind us, most of it in the rain. Tuesday had my rear tire replaced in Bangor, ME. Tread was down past the wear bars and was starting to vibrate. The guys at Bangor Motorsports got me in and out in less than an hour. Thanks very much to Luke, Rick, and Josh in the shop. Extremely great price on the tire and labor. Check em' out if you are in the area.
Good deal that the tire was changed Tuesday because Wednesday we woke up to rain. A steady miserable down pour. Did not get out of it till about 2:30pm. One intense moment to report, I was following Gary up an incline turning to the left and hit a slick spot. Bike almost came out from under me. Was very lucky that it didn't.
Spent Wednesday night in Roanoke, Virginia. Just so happens that the Hot Rod Power Tour was in town. There were more hot rods and muscle cars than one could imagine. I was told that there were over 2500 cars on this year's tour. Stayed up way too late talking drag racing, cars, and joke telling.
Started out Thursday morning and wasn't on the road for an hour and here came the rain again. Finally got out it at about 11:30am. Goal today was Deals Gap and the infamous Dragons Tail run. The ride from Knoxville, TN was great. Made it to the start of the Tail at 2:00pm and went after it. WOW, there are 318 very sharp turns in 11 miles. Might need some new foot pegs when I get back, VTX's are kinda too low to be doing that stuff. All kinds of bikes and cars were there making the run. Made it to the bottom and stopped in at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort and had lunch. There were about 250 bikes there and more coming in. Left about 4:30pm and made it to St. George, South Carolina before another rain storm caught us with out any gear on. Got thoroughly soaked.
Left St. George, SC this morning and made it to Ft. Lauderdale, FL and picked Barbara up at the airport. Stopped tonight in Florida Cty, FL.
Will head out for Key West tomorrow and make the last corner and end this craziness.

Tree of Shame at Dragon's Tail (click it)