Saturday, June 10, 2006

Key West, Florida. The Fourth Corner

Hurray. We completed the fourth corner and stopped the clock at 10:46 am this morning. So we completed the run in 15 days. We picked up Barbara at the Ft. Lauderdale airport before continuing on to Key West. Next stop is Pensacola. I'll let you know the total trip miles after we make the full circuit to Ft. Worth, TX. As you can see from the satellite photo, we're getting slammed by some vicious thunderstorms. Winds are gusting to 30 mph. We'll wait out the weather before continuing. Stay tuned, more photos on the way. Me? I'm taking a long nap.

Key West, Florida Satellite Image

High Temp: 83, Low Temp: 79, Wind-SE, 16mph
Skies filled with water
Next Stop: Pensacola, FL (click to see route) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: 885.5 miles Time: 13 hrs 36 min