Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lake City, Florida

We got bored and decided to head for Texas on the last leg of the tour. We rode in a downpour the whole way. We didn't find out until later that the storm was upgraded to a tropical storm named Alberto. Crossing bridges over water (especially in the Keys) was rather intense with winds gusting to 30 mph. Considering that we rode through a tropical storm, it wasn't that bad. If it would turn into a hurricane and keep moving West, we could be home in a couple of hours.
Key West, FL to Lake City, FL (click to see route)

Lake City, Florida Satellite Image

High Temp: 94, Low Temp: 72, Wind-SE, 15-30mph
Skies cloudy
Next Stop: Houston, TX (click to see route) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: 811.5 miles Time: 12 hrs 6 min