Sunday, June 04, 2006

Toronto, Ontario, "Avast ye matey!"

We popped out of bed at 4:00am after a full nights sleep (3 1/2 hours) and loaded up and headed for the ferry. Only took about 30 minutes to get there and there was a nice snack bar/waiting area serving breakfast stuff. Waited about 30 minutes before the ferry started loading. We were first on, but the ferry was not going to be very full. Straps were provided to tie the bikes down. After that was taken care of we checked out the uppper deck and the seating area. Very large captains chair to kick back in and enjoy the ride. Talked for awhile to some other people that had brought their bikes on board for a ride in Michigan and then sat down in one of the chairs and was out like a light (Gary too). Anyone know how far it is across Lake Michigan? Didn't wake until the ferry was pulling up to the dock 3 hours later.
Didn't get any pictures crossing the border into Michigan. I guess there is a sign out in the middle of the lake. Could not take any pictures at the border going in to Canada, the Officers there would not allow it. Felt like we were back at the Golden Gate Bridge. Headed towards Port Huron, Michigan and the Canadian border. Crossed into Canada about 2:00pm and arrived in Toronto about 5:30pm. Will stop for the night and catch up on some sleep and blog back log.
Will head east on Hwy 401 to Montreal and then I 20 to Quebec. Quite possible to be in Madawaska, Maine tomorrow night. Will not push it though.

Toronto, Ontario Satellite Image

High Temp: 63, Low Temp: 53, Wind-NW, 5mph
Skies partly cloudy
Next Stop: Quebec (click for route) Start Time 7:30am
Distance: 496.4 miles (after ferry) Time: 7 hrs 43 min

June 3, 2006 - Long, long ride today. Started at 7:00am and did not stop until 11:10pm. Drove from Bismark, ND to Milwaulkee, WI. I think that winds up being about 770 miles, give or take a few. Went to sleep at midnight.
First stop of the day was at Gun & Reel Sports Honda to get another look at Gary's front tire. They got him in right away and pulled the tire off and went to looking for the leak. Dustin, the mechanic, found the problem right away. The valve stem, which had been checked several times was bad. The tire was dismounted and a new valve stem installed, then remounted. The whole job took about 1 1/2 hours.
While the work on Gary's bike was taking place, I was inspecting my rear tire , which is looking worse every day. Have lowered and raised air psi and it still is wearing really bad. The front tire still looks new, so I don't have an answer for this. Looks like I'll be replacing a tire very soon. Metzlers should wear better than this.
On the run across Minnesota nothing out of the ordinary happened. Going into Wisconsin looked like more of the same until we started seeing animal carcasses littering the road. Looked like an animal wrecking yard. Deer, racoons, and whatever were strewn on either side of the road. Kind of thought might being seeing cows and horses among them sooner or later. When we decided to make it into Milwaulkee, we knew that it was going to be dark before arriving and the thought of being on that road at night was scary. Expected to see a deer flying over the top of a semi and landing in front us at any time. Or worse, one just walking out in front off us. Well, too much thinking for nothing, we did not see anything.
Arrived at the hotel at 11:10pm and it was midnight before we got to sleep. Had to get up at 4:00am to catch ferry across Lake Michigan so I didn't post anything on the blog.